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Fish Finder Settings and Tips – Questions and Answers

Here’s another video from Wilson Frazier (the Lowrance professor). He answers some common questions about sonar fish finders and GPS units (see my list of video highlights below). I posted another one of Mr. Frazier’s videos on this post – basic fish finder settings and tips. It’s a another good video with a few fish finder setup tips. Wilson Frazier offers instructional DVDs on his website

Video: Sonar GPS Questions and Answers

Video Highlights

  • 1:25 – Why does my fish finder lose the bottom signal when the boat is on plane? (air under transducer)
  • 2:22 – Why does my fish finder show 455 feet deep in very shallow water? (sensitivity set too high)
  • 3:20 – Why does my sonar take so long to show a reading after running across the lake? (unit was left on and takes a while to reset itself – turn it off when it’s out of the water)
  • 4:25 – How do I save my GPS waypoints to a file on a card? (video shows how to save / transfer your data to a chip)
  • 6:40 – How do I load waypoint numbers into my GPS unit? (video shows how to create a new waypoint position)

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