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How to Update / Upgrade Your Lowrance HDS Sonar-GPS Unit

Here’s a very useful video from Lowrance that takes you through the software update process for an HDS unit in a simple step-by-step demonstration. You’ll need a blank SD card and an SD card reader for your computer (internal or external). Go to the Lowrance Downloads page and find the update for your unit. You should keep track of which updates you have already applied to avoid confusion in the future and to avoid unnecessary duplicate updates.

It’s a great video but they must have done this in the middle of the office because you can hear other people talking to customers on the phones in the background. Maybe next time they’ll go into a quiet room to make the video.

Lowrance  HDS-10 Fishfinder/GPS ChartplotterIf you have completed this type of HDS software upgrade before, please leave a comment to let us know how it went. Thanks

Video: Lowrance Lessons – HDS Software Update

Video Highlights

  • 0:28 – begin the process to load the update onto your blank SD card
  • 0:40 – plugging your SD card into your computer (or external card reader)
  • 0:50 – go to website and navigate to the download page for your HDS unit
  • 1:50 – download the update from the Lowrance website to your SD card (can take 5 minutes or more)
  • 2:30 – install the update using the install wizard (can take 15-20 minutes or more depending on the update)
  • 4:00 – review the files on your SD card
  • 4:25 – load the updates onto the HDS unit
  • 5:30 – reboot the HDS unit after the upgrade
  • 6:00 – review the updates on the HDS screen (new navigation options, etc.)

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Video #2: Updating Lowrance HDS Software Version

Video Highlights

  • 0:12 – determine which version of Lowrance HDS software you currently have – System>>About>>Enter
  • 0:30 – insert empty SD card into the SD card reader of your computer
  • 0:35 – go to Downloads>>Product Software Updates>>Choose Your Unit – download the update to your computer
  • 1:30 – once the new software is downloaded, the Lowrance Update Application will launch and will copy the new software files to your blank SD card
  • 2:15 – remove the SD card from your computer and insert it into the HDS unit (power is off) – then power the unit back on – the software will copy to your HDS unit
  • 3:02 – remove the SD card and press the power button to reboot your HDS unit
  • 3:20 – confirm the installation by checking your software version – System>>About>>Enter – check the Application Version

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