September 29th, 2009  |   ( 4 comments )

Great Deal on Crappie Rods

Bass Pro Shops Crappie RodsI know this isn’t about sonar or GPS, but I just learned that the Ms. Crappie rods are on clearance at for $19.77 and thought I should post something about it. These are really nice rods and getting a Wally Marshall rod for $19.77 is a steal. It’s a shame they had to make the handles purple, but they are still great rods. The tip is bright pink which might sound odd, but the visibility is very good. One of these rods would make a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother or anyone else who likes to crappie fish. I’m also going to order one to use as a “guest” rod when my brother-in-law comes to visit :) . I’m sure I will end up using it myself. Check out the picture at basspro [link] and click the enlarge button. The handle looks very purple but when I have seen them at the store they were not that bad. Kind of cool looking actually. These are IM-6 graphite crappie rods and they come in 5’6”, 8’ and 10’ models all for $19.77 in the clearance department.

Purple or not, these rods are a great deal for yourself or as a gift. Go get one before they’re all gone – Ms. Crappie rods.

4 comments to Great Deal on Crappie Rods

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