September 28th, 2009  |   ( 7 comments )

New Humminbird Down Imaging – Game On

Get ready Humminbird Side Imaging fans, because Humminbird released information today on their upcoming Down Imaging upgrade. The new Down Imaging (DI)
technology will be available as a software download/upgrade for all new and existing SI Side Imaging fish finders with the exception of the 797. There will be no additional hardware to buy, this is a software update only, so when the upgrade is ready you will simply download the file to your chip and install it into your unit.

The Down Imaging upgrade is scheduled for release in January of 2010. That’s just a few short months away. Check out the pictures below. They look incredible.

Also check out – Humminbird 4.700 Software Update.

Humminbird has released the updates for many units [click here]

Here’s a PDF brochure on the new Humminbird Down-Imaging DI.

Get ready for SI-DI sonar fish finder GPS heaven!

Where to Buy

Well, this is a software upgrade so there is nothing to purchase, but if you don’t have your Humminbird SI yet, then these are the sites I know and trust for price, service and selection. I’ll be posting full price comparisons for various Humminbird units soon.




Also check out the Humminbird 4.700 software update

7 comments to New Humminbird Down Imaging – Game On

  • Rex Rustic

    POUND SAND Lowrance lovers! Humminbird Rules!!!

    Any of you lowrance drones want a ride in a boat with real live side scan sonar? I’ve been using it for over a year and finding all kinds of stuff including fish. Keep waiting and maybe some day you’ll be able to see what it’s like. Keep waiting……………

    HA HA HA

  • Paul

    Very cool. It is good to see Lowrance and Humminbird competing on the side view stuff. What’s next? Only the SHADOW knows. :)

  • W Hall

    What is the latest on the date for the Lowrance up-grade? I have had the HDS 10 & 8 since April and just waiting to upgrade. I really like the HDS units and have had no problems with them. I am a true Lowrance fan. I think with Lowrance and Hummingbird both working on this we will truly benefit.

    • admin

      I think the latest anyone has heard from Lowrance is that Structure Scan will come out next month (November 2009). I have heard reports of early November and late November. As long as it REALLY is November that will be great. I should get the news from Lowrance when a final date is announced and I will post the information immediately.

      You have had the HDS units for quite a while. Please let me know if you would be willing to write a review of them or provide any pictures or screen captures. That would be very interesting for everyone.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • i have traded my lowrance stuff for hummingbird 1197c /i am very happy with my trade of equipment keep up the good work hummingbird

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