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Humminbird Software Update 4.700

Humminbird has begun to release a set of new software updates.

The current update includes:

  • Three new Side Imaging Color Palettes and one new 2D Color Palette.
  • Enhanced GPS response rate
  • Switchfire

This update affects the following models: 718, 728, 778c, 788c, 1157c, 1197c

Additional models to be added later this week include: 788c, 788ci, 798c

The remaining models will get their updates on January 1st 2010, when Humminbird releases Down Imaging and the new Waypoint Management tools.

New software for a registered product can be downloaded (for free!) to your PC from the support section of the Humminbird website (www.humminbird.com).

Humminbird 798c and 798ci SI Deals
Humminbird 2010 Model Lineup
Humminbird Down-Imaging (DI)

Humminbird 4.700 Software Update Details

  • Adds support for LakeMaster chart cards.
  • Adds new SI sonar color palettes.
  • Adds new 2D sonar color palettes.
  • Improved GPS performance to provide higher chart update rates.
  • Corrected problems with depth offset algorithm.
  • Corrected SD card reporting incorrect size.
  • New menu item for sound control.
  • Corrected issue of GPS output becoming disabled in certain navigation modes.
  • Corrected problem of snapshot not functioning in POS mode. Fixed centering issue when changing chart orientation. Corrected problem of displayed track becoming offset from boat.
  • Sonar processing improved to increase trolling motor noise rejection.
  • Fixes various cosmetic and minor operational defects.

GPS Receiver Updates 4 Times Faster

The GPS refresh rate enhancement is one that a lot of people are excited about. This has probably been the most talked about “weakness” for Humminbird and hopefully this software update will resolve the issues.

This enhancement will result in a smoother response from the boat icon on the screen when driving to waypoints and other areas of interest. The current response has been viewed as inadequate by a significant number of anglers. With the new enhancements, the Humminbird on-screen response will be equal-to if not better than the competition. There is no menu setting or adjustments that have to be made to the units to enable this new feature. It will happen automatically when the new software is loaded into the unit.

One very important topic related to this new enhancement is that the 4 times faster GPS update will not transmit through the INTERLINK box. Therefore, the GPS receiver(s) in the boat will have to be wired in a specific manner to allow the 4 times faster GPS response to work correctly. For boats that are utilizing INTERLINK systems there are two main setups. One is where there is (1) GPS receiver servicing both units on the boat and the other one is with (2) GPS receivers (one in the back and one in the front). Below are illustrations showing how the GPS receivers, Interlink box, cabling and Y-cables should be connected in order to enable the 4 times faster GPS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the setup that only utilizes (1) GPS receiver the 4 times per second will only work on the back unit and will not work on the front unit that is connected to the INTERLINK. You MUST have (2) GPS receivers hooked up per the illustration below in order to get the 4 times per second to both units.


Here are some videos on the GPS update and the color palettes

LakeMaster Maps at Cabelas

LakeMaster Maps

This is a great new advancement but it’s only available for limited areas of the US. Here’s a link showing the various options available – LakeMaster Maps at Cabela’s. Note: Humminbird units require special LakeMaster chips made specifically for Humminbird.

Humminbird LakeMaster Features (big pdf)

Jason Halfen has done some field testing of the LakeMaster-Humminbird combination. Here’a nice write-up on it – Lakemaster cartography for Humminbird fishing systems.

Here’s a video on using the LakeMaster maps with Humminbird equipment.

See more IDO Fishing Videos!


The new SwitchFire feature provides anglers with two distinct sonar displays. SwitchFire Sonar has two modes that give anglers control of how they want to view the sonar images in specific fishing environments.

SwitchFire’s Max Mode unveils amazing detail that includes even the smallest subsurface objects, including suspended plankton, thermoclines and water current. Anglers also have the ability to precisely track their lure as it shows up on screen. Maximum detail of structure and fish are displayed in sharp sonar images.

In Clear Mode, SwitchFire filters through sonar returns and displays only fish and structure, providing the angler with a clean, uncluttered screen. This mode works especially well in shallow and rough water, or to reduce undesired clutter in the water column.

Humminbird SwitchFire Screen Shots

Clear Mode

Max Mode

Waypoint Management – coming soon

The new Waypoint Management update looks promising. It should be a big help in keeping track of your waypoints. More info coming soon!

5 comments to New Humminbird Software Update 4.700

  • darby

    My Report:
    I loaded this update over the weekend and it is wonderful. The GPS is quick and responsive and the new colors are nice. I tried SwitchFire a bit but I’m not sure how I will use it.

  • admin

    The 4.700 update is now available for all 788 and 798 units. (as of a few days ago)

  • jmack

    I loaded the updates for my 1197 and headed to the lake. I have a lot of brush piles to crappie fish, so the need to get on top of them is very important to me. The tracking of the 1197 was very much improved. I dropped a bouy out, marked it as a waypoint, and did several figure eight patterns around it. Always navigating to the waypoint at slow speeds from .5 to 1.5 mph. Most of the time i would come within just a couple of feet from the bouy, two times i litterly ran over the bouy. This is a tremendous improvement from the past. I really liked the new screen color Amber. I can see things more clearly now. Can’t wait for the new “Down Image” update.

  • admin

    Thank you very much for the great report jmack. It sounds like Humminbird has a winner. The GPS speed has always been a complaint, and now it can finally be laid to rest. Excellent.

    Thanks again!

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