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Screen Protector Vinyl Film

invisibleShield protective film for fishfinders

I was browsing around on recently and noticed these screen protectors for sonar fish-finders. They look pretty cool and they are inexpensive. I think I will try some. These are like the protective film you can buy for your cell phone or other electronic devices to protect the screen. I think it’s basically the same stuff that you often find on a smooth surface like a tv screen when you first buy it.

Here’s why I think it might work out well on fish-finders:

  • If you keep your fish finder a long time this is important – long screen life without scratches
  • If you upgrade your fish finders frequently and sell the old ones – the scratch-free screen will mean more money when you sell the old equipment
  • Some of these films are supposed to reduce glare – that could be a biggie
  • I think water spots would probably not be as bad, and they would be easier to wipe off
  • If they have any that cover the full face of the unit, that would help keep water out
  • The film is easy to apply and remove and does not leave any residue or damage
  • They make the film protectors for specific makes and models of fish finders, so they will fit right

Here are some links to the sites that have screen protectors for fishfinders:
Get the invisibleSHIELD for Humminbird, Lowrance, Raymarine, Garmin – Invisible Shield for Humminbird – Lexerd Screen Protectors for Humminbird – Lexerd Screen Protectors for Lowrance – Lexerd Screen Protectors for Raymarine – Lexerd Screen Protectors for Eagle

Please post a comment if you have experience with these protective film skins.

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