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Humminbird 798c and 798ci SI Deals

humminbird-798c-798ci-SI-fishfinder-gps-comboI was doing some price lookups on the Humminbird 798c and 798ci SI combos and noticed a few deals that I wanted to highlight. These are great units and the normal street price seems to be $999.99. That’s the price at several of the internet retailers I checked, but I also found some places offering much lower prices. Also remember that internet sites will not charge you sales-tax unless that company has a physical location in your state. Sites like Amazon.com, ConsumersMarine.com and TheNerds.net don’t have stores in many states, so it’s likely that you won’t pay sales-tax.

What’s the difference between the Humminbird 798c and the 798ci? The only real difference between the two units is that the 798c has an external GPS antenna while the 798ci comes with an internal GPS receiver.

Both of these 798 units offer exceptional value for the money. You can get battle-tested Humminbird SI side-scan technology for less than $1000. Nothing else is needed. Just install and go. These are excellent entry-level side imaging sonar GPS combos.

New for 2010: These user-friendly side imaging (SI) fish finders are updated for 2010 with new software for Down Imaging (DI), SwitchFire, new color palettes and mapping/navigation features (plus waypoint management).

See this pages for more information on SwitchFire, color palettes, mapping/navigation or this page for more information on Down-Imaging.

Full Specs on Humminbird 798c and 798ci SI Combos

ALERT! Limited Time Deal at Cabela’s – 798ci for $699.99!

Here are the prices I found today on the Humminbird 798c and 798ci

Humminbird 798c (part number: 407440-1 / 4074401)

Humminbird 798c at Amazon.com  $890
Humminbird 798c at ConsumersMarine  $950 (add to cart to see final price)
Humminbird 798c at TheNerds  $993
Humminbird 798c at Cabela’s  $999
Humminbird 798c at BassPro  $999
Humminbird 798c at WestMarine  $999

Humminbird 798ci (part number: 407450-1 / 4074501)

Humminbird 798ci at TheNerds  $844
Humminbird 798ci at Amazon.com  $915
Humminbird 798ci at Amazon.com  $944
Humminbird 798ci at ConsumersMarine  $950 (add to cart to see final price)
Humminbird 798ci at BassPro  $999
Humminbird 798ci at Cabela’s  $999
Humminbird 798ci at WestMarine  $999

Amazon.com has some really good deals from time to time but their site changes quite a bit and the good deals come and go. Here’s a link to see all of the Humminbird 798s at Amazon – All Humminbird 798c and 798ci at Amazon.com

Please leave a reply if you have any comments on this unit or on buying the unit online.

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