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Latest Humminbird Upgrade Release

humminbird-logo-whiteHumminbird has released the next batch of updated software for many of their units. These are free software upgrades which include Down Imaging (DI) for SI units, Switchfire 2D Controls, GPS improvements, LakeMaster capabilities and a few more tweaks and fixes.

Update Feature List
  • Down Imaging
  • GPS improvements
  • New 2D sonar color palettes
  • New SI sonar color palettes
  • LakeMaster compatibility
  • Improves trolling motor noise rejection
  • Adds additional AIS message support
  • Automatically restores defaults when reprogramming unit
  • Fixes Track offset issue
  • Makes depth alarm Persistent over power cycles
  • Supports new NVB maps w/o Canada data
  • Fixes Chart centering while changing orientation
  • Fixes Disabled GPS output
  • Fixes Navionics library drawing when no map is available
  • Fixes Snapshots not displaying in POS mode
  • Fixes various cosmetic and minor operational defects

Check out these pages for more info on the Humminbird Software Update and Humminbird Down Imaging (DI).

You just have to be impressed with Humminbird and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Way to go Humminbird!

Check Humminbird.com for updates on these units. It’s a simple software upgrade that should take you less than 30 minutes. Then it’s GO TIME!

Updated Humminbird Sonar/GPS Units

1197c (v4.750)
1157c (v4.750)
1155c (v4.750)

997c (v4.750)
957c (v4.750)
955c (v4.750)
937c (v4.750)
931c (v4.740)
917c (v4.750)

798c/798ci (v4.780)
788c/788ci (v4.780)
786ci (v4.750)
778c (v4.740)
768 (v4.760)
767 (v4.760)
757c (v4.760)
755 (v4.740)
747 (v4.740)
737 (v4.760)
728 (v4.760)
727 (v4.760)
718 (v4.760)
717 (v4.760)

Please post a reply to tell us how your update went or how you like the new features. Thanks!

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