March 24th, 2010  |   ( Leave a comment )

10% Off Humminbird Fishfinders

I just tested the 10% coupon code at and found that it works for all Humminbird models except the 798c and 798ci. I am checking with WestMarine right now to see why it does not work for those two models. That’s a great deal so if you are ready to buy, it would be worth checking out. WestMarine is a good company.

The coupon also works for most other items over $100. Some items do not get the discount and I am checking into the exact rules on that.

Just load your cart with what you want to buy and then enter coupon / promo code [offer expired] into the box on the checkout screen.
Note: When I am testing the coupon on new items I sometimes don’t enter all of my info – just enter something quick to see if the coupon works. Then if it does work, go back and fix your contact info. but don’t forget to fix it

Here’s a link to Humminbird units at WestMarine where you can take advantage of the promo
WestMarine – Humminbird Units  10% Coupon Code [offer expired] at checkout

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