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Lowrance Sonar Log Viewer (SLV)

lowrance-log-viewer-with-structure-scanLowrance recently released a new version (2.1.0) of their Sonar Log Viewer (SLV). This is a PC software program that lets you view your sonar logs on the PC. You can even adjust some of the sonar settings from the PC program and it will adjust what you see on the screen. This is really nice, and what’s special about this version is that it also supports StructureScan LSS Side-Scan log files. That’s going to be really cool and a great feature. You can also share your log files with your friends, but be careful because they can see your GPS coordinates and they might find your secret honey-hole :) .

Features of the Lowrance Sonar Log Viewer

  • You can adjust and change the settings for zoom, range, color-line, sensitivity, noise rejection, surface clarity and various other fishfinder sonar controls
  • You can define your own color schemes for the sonar signals (fish returns, bottom tracking, surface clutter, etc.)
  • Works similar to Windows Media Player – you can fast forward, reverse, pause, scroll, freeze, etc..
  • The adjustments you make update the entire record displayed
  • You can see the GPS position and depth of anywhere on the record by moving your mouse cursor
  • You can resize the window on your computer screen

For more information and to download the log viewer, please check the Lowrance site here – Lowrance Sonar Log Viewer.

If you have experience with the Log Viewer or if you have a photo or video of the viewer in action, please leave a comment below. We would love your input.

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