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WestMarine 10% Off is Back

I had some reports this week that the WestMarine 10% coupon was not working. I tested it myself and found that it was NOT working (sorry), so I got in touch with WestMarine to see what the deal was. I haven’t heard back from WestMarine, but I tried the promo code again today and it’s working again. When I tried yesterday their whole site and checkout had changed, so I suspect that they might be getting ready to revamp their website and were testing the new one. (or maybe they tried to go live with the new website but it failed?). So anyway, it’s working again today and hopefully forever! I’m sorry if you tried it while it was down and did not get the discount to apply. When the coupon code works it’s a good one.

The coupon should work for most orders over $100. There are some restrictions so it might not apply to every purchase. Good luck saving money on fishfinders!

How To Use the Coupon / Promo Code

Select your items and go to checkout. Then enter coupon / promo code [offer expired] into the box on the checkout screen.
Note: When I am testing the coupon on new items I sometimes don’t enter all of my info – just enter something quick to see if the coupon works. Then if it does work, go back and fix your contact info. but don’t forget to fix it


Here’s a link to Humminbird units at WestMarine where you can take advantage of the promo
WestMarine – Humminbird Units  10% Coupon Code [offer expired] at checkout

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