July 2nd, 2010  |   ( 2 comments )

Charlie Bisharat Pole Dancer For Stripers

charlie bisharat pole dancer flyThis post isn’t about fishfinders, it’s about a fly fishing topwater fly. It’s not about “strippers” either, even though the name of the fly is the “pole dancer”. So if you came here looking for that you’re probably going to be disappointed :) . I was turned on to this fantastic top-water fly this week and wanted to share it in case anyone is interested. The topwater fly is the Charlie Bisharat Pole Dancer and it is awesome. It was designed to mimic the Zara Spook and it does a great job of it. You can see the fly here – Charlie Bisharat Pole Dancer Fly.

There’s a video of Charlie Bisharat showing how to use the Pole Dancer fly here – Video of Charlie Bisharat talking about the Pole Dancer Fly.

2 comments to Charlie Bisharat Pole Dancer For Stripers

  • Bill Ramey

    Charlie, saw the pole dancer in ffin salt water. Think this would work for peacock bass. I’m going to Brazil in Sept. an want to get somefor the trip. How does the large size cast ( I can cast an fish at 100 ft.) on 9-10 wt. rods. Any one you know of used them for peacocks.

    • admin

      Hey Bill. Brazil in September huh? You lucky dog you. Somebody’s living right!

      Yeah, I’ve heard this fly will spank the peacock bass and I believe it. Just the type of action to drive them crazy. Check out this page with some info about casting the different sizes – Casting the Pole Dancer

      Good luck on your trip!!

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