July 10th, 2010  |   ( 2 comments )

Humminbird Side-Imaging Training Video by Doug Vahrenberg

Here’s yet another informative Side-Imaging how-to video from Doug Vahrenberg. Doug makes some excellent training and how to videos about his Humminbird side-imaging fishfinders. This one is exceptional. Doug uses some paper folding techniques and a few printed screen images from his Humminbird to teach us what we are seeing when we look at the screen of a Humminbird side-imaging fishfinder. This is a slightly different approach and I think it will really “click” for lots of people. By folding your paper printout of the side-imaging screen shot, you can remove the center water column and get a better view of the bottom of the lake. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then Doug’s folded picture speaks even more. Great job Doug! Thanks for churning out these great videos.

Here’s a link to Doug’s side-imaging video page.

The basic concepts described in this training video will obviously apply to Lowrance StructureScan and DownScan too, so Doug is not just teaching about Humminbird fishfinders.

2 comments to Humminbird Side-Imaging Training Video by Doug Vahrenberg

  • Kyle

    Doug thanks for your videos, they are helpful. I have 2 weeks experience with a 997c si, and trying to learn as much as I can. is it possible to see 2-10 lb. fish on the side image mode ? Have not seen any video from anyone with fish images. On the down sonar in fish ID mode, was is the significance in blue fish, large blue fish, and orange fish.


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