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Where to Buy Humminbird 1198c

humminbird 1198c fishfinder

humminbird 1198c si di fishfinder

The new Humminbird 1198c SI fishfinders are back in stock at some retailers but they’re going fast. Several sites are out of stock and others have limited stock. Shops that are out will take and ship orders on a first come first served basis, so get on the list ASAP. The Humminbird 1198c have been hard to keep in stock this year. Not sure if they are selling super fast or if Humminbird is not manufacturing enough. This happened last year when the 898c units came out and I don’t think it took too long for most people to get their fishfinders. If you’re looking to buy a Humminbird 1198 you can check the list of online stores below to see who has the 1198 in stock for the best price. I’ll try to keep this page updated when I notice that a website is out of stock or in stock for the HB 1198. FYI – These are the sites that I know and trust for online fishfinder sales. Some sites are not listed for various reasons, but you’ll get a great deal from one of these sites and have a great buying experience.

Great Price – iSave.com   [ click for details ]   In Stock
with FREE Shipping and NO SALES TAX outside of NY

Great Price – Factory Outlet Store   [ click for details ]   In Stock
with FREE Shipping and NO SALES TAX outside of NY

See the Humminbird 1198c Price Comparison

Why buy the Humminbird 1198c SI?

  • Catch More Fish
    • With side-imaging, down-imaging, and SwitchFire, you’ll see fish and structure you never would have seen before
    • You’ll finally be able to see exactly how the fish are orienting to structure – no more guessing
    • SwitchFire lets you see the detail you want, when you want
  • Save Precious Fishing Time
    • reduce the looking and increase the catching
    • motor right up to your spot with awesome Humminbird GPS accuracy
    • Scan a wide swath of water in one pass
      • side-image view towards the shoreline
      • down-image view under your boat
      • side-image view towards deeper water
      • you don’t need to ride right over fish and cover to see it – there’s no escaping SI and DI
  • Save Your Eyes
    • this big bright screen is easy on the eyes
    • get the biggest and brightest screen you can afford (or you’ll be kicking yourself later)
    • the optimized color palettes help you see what others miss
  • Win Tournaments
    • you still have to catch the fish, but the Humminbird 1198c SI sure helps you find them
  • Impress Your Friends
    • not only with the fish you catch, but with your awesome new toy!

Where to buy the 1198c SI

Here’s a list of where you can get one of these new Humminbirds. These prices are as of 7/28/2011. I’ll try to keep it updated regularly, and you can always click on the links below to see the latest price.

Click the links below to see the current price and availability

Humminbird 1198c Prices and Deals

Store Price Availability Other Link
iSave $2,349.99 In Stock
Free Shipping
no tax outside NY
Factory Outlet Store $2,349.99 In Stock
Free Shipping
no tax outside NY
TheNerds.net $2,565.99 In Stock
Usually No Tax
Shipping can be high
Amazon $2,517.99 In Stock
Usually No Tax Buy
Bass Pro Shops $2,799.99 Check Buy
Cabela’s $2,799.99 Check Buy
Overton’s $2,799.99 Check Buy
Gander Mountain $2,799.99 Check Buy
Humminbird Model Number:

Humminbird 407990-1 / 4079901

Don’t miss out on getting the new Hummingbird 1198c SI. The sooner you order, the sooner you’ll have it in your hands and ready to install. Good luck!