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Lowrance Rebates and Great Prices

lowrance-logoLowrance announced some great rebates yesterday with $200 off all HDS-10 units, $150 off HDS-8, $100 off HDS-7 and $50 off HDS-5. There’s also a $50 rebate on the StructureScan LSS-1 module plus some rebates on radar and other Lowrance products. You can use up to 3 rebates per household, so you can get one or two HDS fishfinders plus the StructureScan too. Rebates are good from 2/14/11 thru 3/27/11.

See the Lowrance StructureScan deal at the bottom of this page.

I checked around for prices and found some really good ones. With the low prices plus the rebate you can get these HDS units for a great price. You can also save some money on sales tax by buying online, and there are some coupon codes below that will save even more money. I’ll be posting more prices later today or tomorrow, but for now here are the sites that I found with the best deals:

iSave.com (.99 shipping and no sales tax outside of NY)

FactoryOutletStore.com (free shipping and no sales tax outside of NY)
Note: this link includes a $10 off coupon – you will see a bar at the top that says $10 off everything

WestMarine.com (you will pay sales tax if there is a West Marine store in your state)

And it’s always a good idea to check …
… their prices were not great when I checked, but you never know when they’ll put something on sale!

Here’s the rebate form – Lowrance rebate form

Lowrance Rebate Details:

$500 Rebate
BR24(US) Radome Broadband Radar
LRA-2400 Radome High-Definition Digital Radar
$200 Rebate
HDS-10 Insight USA ™ 83/200
HDS-10 Insight USA™ 50/200
HDS-10 Insight USA ™ w/o Transducer
HDS-10 Base US 83/200
$150 Rebate
HDS-8 Insight USA™ 83/200
HDS-8 Insight USA™ 50/200
HDS-8 Insight USA™ w/o Transducer
HDS-8 Base US 83/200
$100 Rebate
HDS-7 Insight USA™ 83/200
HDS-7 Insight USA™ 200
HDS-7 Insight USA™ w/o Transducer
HDS-7 Base US 83/200
HDS-7 Base US w/o Transducer
$50 Rebate
HDS-5 Lake Insight ™ 83/200
HDS-5 Lake Insight ™ w/o Transducer
HDS-5 Nautic Insight™ 50/200
HDS-5 Nautic Insight ™ w/o Transducer
LWX-1 SIRIUS® Receiver
LSS-1 StructureScan® Sonar Imaging Module
LGC-4000 GPS Antenna
SonicHub Marine Audio

Official Lowrance Rebate Units and Amounts

Hot Deal – Lowrance StructureScan LSS-1

Here’s the hottest deal I could find during a real quick look – Lowrance LSS-1 StructureScan with transducer for $489.99. [ click here to see it at westmarine.com ] The normal price is $599.99 – the 10% coupon – $50 rebate. Wow!! That’s the best deal I’ve ever seen on StructureScan. I found it for $509 a few months ago but this is really something. Of course with WestMarine it’s very likely that you’ll have to pay sales tax (~$45)*, so the iSave.com and FactoryOutletStore.com price is actually a better deal for some folks. (both sites = $519 after rebate with .99 shipping and no sales tax outside NY).       ** iSave.com **      ** FactoryOutletStore.com **
*you’ll be charged state sales tax if WestMarine has a store in your state