TopFishFinders.com is a site about fish finder sonar equipment. The site offers news and insight into the wonderful world of marine electronics. I wouldn’t say I’m a super-guru expert on this stuff, but I do my best to collect valuable first-hand information from the internet, professional fishing guides, tournament anglers and common weekend fishermen like myself. I’ll be posting lots of videos and articles on fish finders, GPS units and other marine electronics. If you have a suggestion or anything you’d like to offer, please post a reply to one of the topics or add a reply in the space below.

I’m really excited about where things are going with the Hummingbird Side-Imaging technology and the new Lowrance StructureScan HDS units with the new Down-Scan feature. This is really starting to get interesting. I’m looking forward to continued innovation.

This site is all about your input, so PLEASE leave comments and let me know what you think about these different sonar fish finders and GPS units.

Welcome to Top Fish Finders…because the fish won’t find themselves.

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  • Randy Merta

    Great site! I am looking to buy a Lowarance HDS unit or the Hbird 997si. I am torn between the two and really don’t know which unit to buy. If I buy the Low unit I have to buy the complete unit as I have a Low unit but not a HDS unit. I need some help. If I were to see a unit out on the water that would be of the most help but so far have yet to see anyone using either unit. If anyone can help me with either unit I would appreciate their help. One of these units might come by Santa if I can figure out which one by then. Thanks

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment Randy. That’s going to be a tough call. Both companies have their pros and cons. I wish I could help you get out on the water with someone to compare the units. I am expecting some comparison articles and videos to start showing up, and when I see them I will post them here. I would really like to do the comparison myself, but I somehow need to find the time and some volunteers who have the exact units I would like to compare. I’ll see what I can do.

      Thanks again Randy. Is this your site – Debander Goose Calls? Looks like you know your stuff. Good luck with it.

  • Randy Merta

    Yes I’m the Debander. Thanks for the kind words. I am looking at the new sonars for my commercial fishing operation. I’m looking at ways to place nets more effectively for catfish. I spoke to one of my duck hunting buddies who is sauger fishing everyday on the Ohio River near my home who has a Hbird 997. He is going to take me out tomorrow[Dec 1] and show me what it can do. The sauger are on a big time bite right now. My fishing partner and I are like a couple of kids waiting on tomorrow. If impressed I will be looking for the best price real quick. Gander Mountain in Evansville,Indiana has the Hbird for 1350.00 My buddy is mad because he paid 1800 for his a while back. Thanks for a informative site.

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