September 27th, 2010  |   ( Leave a comment )

Rolling Out Fishfinder Price Lists

Well, I had hoped to clean all of this pricing information up and make it nice and pretty and easier to use, but I haven’t had time to finish it. So here is a link to the main list of fishfinders and electronics gear. I will get it cleaned up and more useful …..

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July 2nd, 2010  |   ( 2 comments )

Charlie Bisharat Pole Dancer For Stripers

This post isn’t about fishfinders, it’s about a fly fishing topwater fly. It’s not about “strippers” either, even though the name of the fly is the “pole dancer”. So if you came here looking for that you’re probably going to be disappointed . I was turned on to this fantastic …..

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January 13th, 2010  |   ( Leave a comment )

Latest Humminbird Upgrade Release

Humminbird has released the next batch of updated software for many of their units. These are free software upgrades which include Down Imaging (DI) for SI units, Switchfire 2D Controls, GPS improvements, LakeMaster capabilities and a few more tweaks and fixes.

Update Feature List

Down Imaging
GPS improvements
New 2D sonar color palettes
New SI sonar color palettes
LakeMaster compatibility
Improves …..

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December 10th, 2009  |   ( Leave a comment )

Screen Protector Vinyl Film

I was browsing around on recently and noticed these screen protectors for sonar fish-finders. They look pretty cool and they are inexpensive. I think I will try some. These are like the protective film you can buy for your cell phone or other electronic devices to protect the screen. …..

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November 6th, 2009  |   ( 5 comments )

Lowrance StructureScan LSS-1 is Finally Here!

They say that good things come to those who wait and we have been waiting for a LONG TIME. Our wait is over friends. Lowrance has finally released the hardware upgrade for StructureScan with DownScan. The new transducer and control box will upgrade your HDS unit and enable the StructureScan and DownScan …..

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October 9th, 2009  |   ( 1 comment )

Navionics HotMaps Premium 2009 Rebate

Deals on 2008 Chips: Navionics HotMaps Premium 2008 South – $59.88 at Cabela’sNavionics HotMaps Premium 2008 West – $79.88 at Cabela’s

Navionics is offering a $50 mail-in rebate on HotMaps Premium 2009 Lake Map chips purchased from October 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009 (MSRP $149 or greater). This is a great deal on …..

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