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This page is a place to talk about non-fish finder, non-sonar, non-GPS fishing gear that is really cool. Please post a comment if you have a suggestion or question. If you find something really cool, go ahead and write it up and post it here. If it’s a big topic with lots of interest I’ll make a separate page for it.

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Blakemore Brush Gripper/Grabber
[link to brush gripper at BassProShops]
Blakemore Brush Gripper
This is a great product for any fisherman who fishes standing timber. The Blakemore Brush Gripper is an inexpensive spring-loaded gripper with a rope attached. The gripper has a spring to hold it together, but the way the rope is attached makes it grab tighter and tighter as the boat puts more pressure on the rope.

This thing works great. When you pull up to a tree that you want to tie up to, you just reach out and hook this grabber onto a branch. You can attach and detach from the tree in seconds and you don’t have to worry about tying and untying the rope or bumping into the tree. For me, this means that I can tie up to the tree and fish it for a few minutes without a lot of hassle. Before I got my brush gripper I would use the trolling motor to position the boat because tying up was too much trouble. Over the course of a full day of fishing, that extra TM work would really take a toll on the battery and my back and leg. Now I just clamp on, fish a few minutes and then move along if I don’t catch anything. No hassles!
I love this thing.

[link to BPS info]
Brush Gripper

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  • larry

    I have one of these and agree that it is a must-have. I keep an extra grabber in my tackle bag to give as a gift when I go fishing with a new partner. Good stuff buddy.

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