Best Price on Humminbird 570 Fishfinder

Humminbird 570 FishfinderI noticed a great deal on the Humminbird 570 yesterday so I decided to do a price check and bargain page for it. I found some pretty good prices and the lowest price right now is at Comp-U-Plus ($186.19). I don’t now how long that price will last but hopefully we’ll keep these discounts for a while. It looks like the “normal” price for this Humminbird unit is $199.99. Anything under that and you’re getting a deal and anything over that and you might be paying too much. Don’t forget to consider shipping charges and sales tax into the mix. For sales tax, if the website has a store or distribution center in your state then you have to pay state sales tax. If the retailer has no physical presence in your state then the website will not collect sales tax.

This is a good deal so don’t miss out on this cheap price on the HB 570!

There’s more info about the Humminbird 570 below the price comparison list. I’ll soon be adding price pages for the Humminbird 570 DI (down-imaging) and the 570 PT (portable) and PT DI (down-imaging portable). Here’s my best price for the Humminbird 570 DI fishfinder page.

Good luck finding the lowest price deal on your new Humminbird fishfinder.

Humminbird 570 Prices and Deals

Store Price Link
Comp-U-Plus $186.19 Buy
PCRush $188.73 Buy
Cabela’s $189.99 SALE Buy
Bass Pro Shops $199.99 Buy
Gander Mountain $199.99 Buy
Overtons $199.99 Buy
TheNerds $203.99 Buy
Compuvest $205.09 Buy


Hummingbird 570 Features and Specs

Manufacturer Part Number: 407320-1 | 4073201
UPC: 082324033810

Display: 5.0″ diagonal | 640V x 320H | FSTN LCD

Dual Beam Sonar: 200 kHz / 20° @ -10db | 83 kHz / 60° @ -10db | Depth: 800 ft.

Power Output: 250 Watts (RMS) | 2000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)

Warranty: One Year

Features: Real Time Sonar RTS Window, Selective Fish ID, Sonar Echo Enhancement, Fully Waterproof, Split Screen Zoom

Easy to Use: Custom Digital Readout Selection, Custom View Selections, Large Digits View, Quick Disconnect Mounting System, Triplog- optional, X Press Menu System

Owners Manual: Humminbird 570 Owner’s Manual

Humminbird 570 FishFinder Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 407320-1 Sonar Only (no GPS). The Humminbird 570 features an ultra high resolution 16 level grayscale 640V x 320H 5″” display and Dual Beam sonar with 2000 Watts PTP power output. 570 Features: Fishing System, 5″” LCD Display, Transducer Included – Model: XNT-9-20-T – Mounting Type: Inside Hull or Transom – Temperature: Included, SwitchFire Sonar, DualBeam PLUS, Selectable Broad 60 & Precision 20 Beams, Dual Frequency – 200 kHz/20 @-10db – 83 kHz/60 @-10db, Depth Capability: – DualBeam PLUS 800ft – 3, 000ft With Optional 200/50 kHz Transducer For Deepwater Use.

Real Time Sonar RTS Window – Dual Beam sonar with 2000 Watts peak-to-peak power output – Selective Fish ID – Sonar Echo Enhancement – Split Screen Zoom – Custom Digital Readout – Selection Custom View Selections – Large Digits View – Quick Disconnect Mounting System – X Press Menu System – Ultra high-resolution 16 level grayscale 640V x 320H 5″ display – Waterproof – Includes transducer: XNT 9 20 T – Transducer Mounting: Inside Hull or Transom – Transducer cable length: 20′ – Speed capable – Temperature included
Find your future catch faster with the Humminbird 570 Fishfinder. A great catch all by itself, the 570 Fishfinder features an ultra high-resolution 640V x 320H 5″ FSTN display with DualBeam sonar that has selectable 20° and 60° beams. The wide beam spots fish over wider area, while the narrow beam provides better bottom definition down to 800-feet deep. 2000 watts peak-to-peak power output. Unit dimensions: 7″ H x 7″ W x 4″ D.Manufacturer model #: 407200-1.. Humminbird® Fishfinder 570

Look to the 500 Series for the greatest performance and best value in fish finding. Humminbird’s dualbeam sonar combines the advantages of narrow and widebeam transducers into one Systemª Its precision 20 at 10db 200kHz downlooking center beam looks for fish and structure directly below the boat, while the broad 60 at 10db 83kHz wide beam looks for fish outside the narrow beam around the boat. The Fish Identification feature gives more information on location than a traditional single beam: Fish in the narrow beam are displayed as solid fish symbols; fish in the wide beam are shown as hollow fish symbols. 5″ LCD screen displays ultrahighcontrast, highdefinition images. Unit features temperature; highsensitivity Sonar Echo Enhancement; accelerated RealTime Sonar; OneTouch 2X, 4X, 6X or 8X split screen zoom; Fish ID+ with Target Depth or View Sonar Returns; and tiltandswivel quickdisconnect mounting system