Best Prices on Humminbird 570 DI with Down-Imaging

Hummingbird 570 DI with down-imaging

Humminbird 570 DI with down-imaging

The Humminbird 570 DI down-imaging fishfinder is a great new addition to the Humminbird 500 series of fishfinders. This is a relatively inexpensive down-imaging fishfinder unit that also offers some very nice 2D sonar features such as Humminbird SwitchFire. This week we ran a price check on all of the Humminbird 570 models and looked at all the websites we usually check. The “normal” price for this unit is $299.99 and we found a few websites that beat that price (plus several sites with higher prices). Besides a low price, a couple other things to consider are the shipping charges and sales tax you’ll have to pay. For sales tax, if the website company has a store or distribution center in your state then you will be charged state sales tax. If the retailer has no physical presence in your state, then the website will not collect sales tax.

Here are the results of our price comparison for the Hummingbird 570 DI. We’ll try to keep the prices updated, but please double check the price on the website by clicking the links provide below. Good luck finding the best price on your new Humminbird fishfinder. These are great looking little units!

Note: Prices for the Humminbird 570 DI Portable Fish Finder are at the bottom of the page – HB 570 DI Portable Prices

Humminbird 570 DI Prices and Deals

Store Price Details Link
Comp-U-Plus $274.09 No Sales Tax Outside NY Buy
PCRush $282.56   Buy
West Marine $284.99 Price is $299.99
Enter coupon code WMAFF
during checkout for $15 off
Overtons $289.99 Price is $299.99
Enter coupon code GOOG10
during checkout for $10 off
Bass Pro Shops $299.99   Buy
Cabela’s $299.99   Buy
Gander Mountain $299.99   Buy
TheNerds $301.99   Buy


Hummingbird 570 DI Features and Specs

Manufacturer Part Number: 408100-1 | 4081001

UPC: 82324035166

Display: 5.0″ diagonal | 640V x 320H | FSTN LCD | 16 Level Grayscale | Backlight

Down Imaging / Dual Beam Sonar: 200 kHz / 25° @ -10db | 455 kHz / 16° @ -10db | 455 kHz / 75° @ -10db | 800 kHz / 45° @ -10db | Depth: 250ft (DI) / 500 ft.

Power Output: 300 Watts (RMS) | 2400 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)

Warranty: One Year

Features: Switchfire Sonar, Split Screen Zoom, Selective Fish ID+, Real Time Sonar RTS Window, Sonar Echo Enhancement, TrueArch Technology, Temperature, Speed Capable

Easy to Use: Custom View Selections, Custom Digital Readout Selection, Selectable Display Colors, Selectable Background Colors, Triplog – Optional, X-Press Menu System

Owners Manual: Humminbird 570 DI Owner’s Manual

Humminbird 570 DI Series Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 408100-1 Sonar Only (no GPS). Transducer Included – Model: XNT-9-DI-T – Mounting Type: Inside Hull or Transom – Temperature: Included, SwitchFire Sonar, Single Beam Sonar, 20&deg, Frequency – 200 kHz/20&deg @-10db, Down Imaging – 455kHz / 86&deg @ -10db – 800kHz / 55&deg @ -10db, Depth Capability: – 250ft (DI), 1000 ft – 2400 W (PTP), 300 W (RMS), Fully Waterproof

The picture-like images of Humminbird® Down Imaging are created with high frequency sound waves emitted in razor-thin slices. The sonar returns from these waves create an instant “snapshot” directly below your boat. Humminbird’s exclusive software analyzes the returns to verify the position of the echoes to ensure Down Imaging only shows you structure and activity directly beneath you, and not off to one side or the other. The Humminbird® Fishfinder 570 DI Sonar Fishfinder features a big 640Vx320H LCD 5″ monochrome display with Dual Beam PLUS sonar with SwitchFire. Power output PtP: 2400 watts. Depth: 250′ (DI)/600′. Speed capable/temp included. In-dash mount: 5.4”H x 6.9”W.

Down Imaging: Use Down Imaging to reveal cover and structure detail below your boat. 455kHz/75º @ -10db; 800kHz/45ordm; @ -10db.
Note: Down-imaging requires movement to get a good reading of the bottom. For best results, the boat should be moving at a slow speed. For this reason, down-imaging would probably not be much help for ice fishing or fishing from a dock or any other type of non-boat fishing. Without movement, the down-imaging transducer and signal processor just don’t have enough information to create a good picture. We only bring this up because a portable version of the Humminbird 570 DI is offered, and we don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about ice fishing. If you would like more information on this – please perform a web search and/or post some questions in your favorite online fishing forum.

SwitchFire: Exclusive Humminbird® SwitchFire Sonar gives you the power to choose how displays are returned. Max Mode displays every return for the most complete picture while Clear Mode filters returns to display only fish and structure.

Dual Beam Plus: Optimized for excellent coverage of the bottom, Dual Beam Plus features 25º and 16º beams for precision with coverage of an area equal to one third of your depth.

Manufacturer Model #: 408100-1 / 4081001
UPC: 82324035166

Did you see the low sale prices on the Humminbird 570 DI?


Humminbird 570 DI Portable

Humminbird 570 DI Portable

Hummingbird 570 DI Portable Fishfinder

Prices on Humminbird 570 DI Portable

MFG: 12049870
UPC: 82324035258

Store Price Details Link
West Marine $314.99 Price is $349.99
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during checkout for 10% off
Comp-U-Plus $318.09 No Sales Tax Outside NY Buy
PCRush $323.43   Buy
Cabela’s $349.99   Buy
TheNerds $351.99   Buy