Hot Deals on Lowrance StructureScan LSS-1

lowrance-structurescan-lss-1I already have some deal pages for the Lowrance HDS units and the great prices and rebates available this month (HDS-10 Deals, HDS-8 Deals), but there’s also a rebate available on the Lowrance StructureScan LSS-1 module, so here’s the “deal” on that.

These prices are for the full lowrance structure scan package – lss-1 module and side-scan transducer. You can also buy structurescan without the transducer.

Prices after rebate: $489, $509, $519
( see below )

The Lowrance rebate program is called the HDS Ultimate Upgrade Sales Event. The rebate is for new units purchased between the dates of February 14 and March 27, 2011. The rules are simple and no-hassle, and you have until April 14, 2011 to mail in your rebate form with your receipt. You can use up to 3 rebates per household, which means you can buy any of the HDS units (or two) and also purchase the StructureScan module, and you’ll get a nice rebate on all of them. The rebate details are listed below towards the bottom of this page.
You can really save some money on Lowrance Structure Scan with these deals!

I checked the online retailers I usually look at, and found some great prices on the Lowrance LSS-1 structurescan. When you look at these low prices and add in the nice rebates from Lowrance, and then add in No Sales Tax (for most folks) and cheap shipping, …. you end up with some of the best bargains on Lowrance side-scan sonar products ever!

There are also great deals to be had on Lowrance HDS-10 and HDS-8 Fishfinder / GPS units
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Best Prices on Lowrance StructureScan LSS-1

Here are the best prices I found when I looked. I did check several other sites, but they had higher prices so I didn’t bother showing them. Some of these prices are already $30 below what the “normal” price is, and the $50 rebate from Lowrance bumps your savings up to $90. The blue price below is the “after rebate” price. The initial cost will be higher and you’ll need to mail in your rebate form to get the check back from Lowrance.

Note:The WestMarine coupon code deal is really great. 10% off when you enter code [offer expired] during the checkout process (see special link below). I put WestMarine below the other 2 sites because you will likely have to pay sales tax with WestMarine (if they have a store in your state). The tax would probably be around $40-$50. If there are no WestMarine stores or facilities in your state, then that’s the best deal (and the best I’ve seen!).

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StructureScan LSS-1 Prices with Rebate

Store Info StructureScan
Price after
$50 rebate .99 shipping
no sales tax outside NY
FactoryOutletStore Free Shipping
No Sales Tax outside NY
$10 coupon added when you click
this link >>>
$519.95  ( – $10)
WestMarine 10% coupon code [offer expired]
enter at checkout
(you might be charges sales tax)
$539.99  (10% off)
Amazon Free Shipping
Usually No Sales Tax
Cabela’s   $599.00
Bass Pro Shops   $599.99

Here’s the rebate formLowrance rebate form

Lowrance Rebate Details:

$500 Rebate
BR24(US) Radome Broadband Radar
LRA-2400 Radome High-Definition Digital Radar
$200 Rebate
HDS-10 Insight USA ™ 83/200
HDS-10 Insight USA™ 50/200
HDS-10 Insight USA ™ w/o Transducer
HDS-10 Base US 83/200
$150 Rebate
HDS-8 Insight USA™ 83/200
HDS-8 Insight USA™ 50/200
HDS-8 Insight USA™ w/o Transducer
HDS-8 Base US 83/200
$100 Rebate
HDS-7 Insight USA™ 83/200
HDS-7 Insight USA™ 200
HDS-7 Insight USA™ w/o Transducer
HDS-7 Base US 83/200
HDS-7 Base US w/o Transducer
$50 Rebate
HDS-5 Lake Insight ™ 83/200
HDS-5 Lake Insight ™ w/o Transducer
HDS-5 Nautic Insight™ 50/200
HDS-5 Nautic Insight ™ w/o Transducer
LWX-1 SIRIUS® Receiver
LSS-1 StructureScan® Sonar Imaging Module
LGC-4000 GPS Antenna
SonicHub Marine Audio

Official Lowrance Rebate Units and Amounts

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