Humminbird 798c SI Combo & 798ci Combo

humminbird-798c-798ci-SI-fishfinder-gps-comboSide Imaging Sonar and Full Color GPS Charplotting

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These extremely popular and user friendly side imaging (SI) fish finder GPS combos are updated this year with new software features to enable Down Imaging (DI), SwitchFire controls, new color palettes and new mapping features and waypoint management. The Humminbird 798c and 798ci are excellent entry-level side imaging sonar GPS combos that can be purchased for less than $1,000. The 798ci unit has an internal GPS antenna while the 798c comes with an external GPS receiver.

To me, both of these 798 units offer unbelievable value for the money. You get the groundbreaking Humminbird SI side-scan sonar and the super-fast GPS all in one unit. There’s nothing else to buy. A complete side imaging fishing system for less than $1,000. And these things are road tested and real-world proven. Truly Awesome!

Humminbird 798c and 798ci SI Deals
Humminbird Software Update 4.700
Humminbird Down-Imaging (DI)

If you have experience with this fish-finder unit please leave a reply below to tell us what you think.

798c SI Combo Part Number: 407440-1 / 4074401
798ci SI Combo Part Number: 407450-1 / 4074501

2010 New Features of the Humminbird 798c SI Combo & 798ci SI Combo Fishfinder:

  • Down Imaging™ Sonar for detail directly below the boat.
  • SwitchFire™ Sonar allows two ways to view returns – Clear or Max mode.
  • Three new color palettes for more viewing options
  • Built-In Contour XD™ Cartography from Navionics® with 3,000 U.S. lakes
  • LakeMaster® compatible with exclusive features
  • Waypoint Management allows more control of your saved data.


Key Features of the Humminbird 798c SI Combo & 798ci SI Combo Fishfinder:

  • Side Imaging™, Down Imaging™ and DualBeam PLUS™ Sonar for unmatched sonar performance.
  • Brilliant color, 640V x 640H ultra-high resolution 5″ TFT display
  • Dual SD card expansion slots to save Screen Snap Shots or view optional cartography
  • User programmable preset buttons allow quick view selections
  • EXTERNAL 50 channel WAAS GPS Receiver included with 798c SI Combo
  • INTERNAL 50 channel WAAS GPS Receiver with 798ci SI Combo(In-dash Mountable)
  • Maximum 4000 Watts peak-to-peak (500 Watts RMS) Power Output
  • Reliable performance from shallow to 1500 feet (150 feet Side Imaging)
  • Water temperature and GPS speed included
  • Tilt & swivel quick disconnect mount system or optional in-dash mount
  • Optional LakeMaster, Navionics Gold, HotMaps, and HotMaps Premium cartography


Humminbird 798c SI and 798ci SI Combo Specifications:

Display 640V x 640H; 5″ Diagonal, 256 Color TFT
Transducer Standard Side Imaging™ with DualBeam PLUS downward.
Transducer Coverage(s) 180°, 60° & 20° @ -10db
Operating Frequency(s) 455kHz, 83kHz & 200kHz
Power Output 4000 Watts Peak-to-Peak, 500 Watts RMS
Depth Capability Side Imaging; 150’ down, 240’ each side, DualBeam PLUS; 1500’ 83kHz
Target Separation 2 1/2 inches
Temperature Included in Transducer
Speed Included with GPS
Power Input 10-20 VDC
Unit Mounting Tilt and Swivel Quick Connect Mount System or In-Dash
Unit Size Installed (Gimbal) 6.9”W X 7.7”H X 4.5”D
Unit Size Installed (In-dash) 6.9”W X 5.4”H X 1.25”D
Transducer Mounting Transom Mount or Inside Hull
Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points 3000 Waypoints, 50 Routes, 50 Tracks with 20,000 Points Each
Communication NMEA 0183 Input/Output; Advanced Accessory System
Optional Accessories InterLink, CannonLink, Wireless Sonar Link, WeatherSense, AS WX 1 Satellite Weather Receiver


Humminbird 798c SI and 798ci SI Additional Features:

  • Optional in-dash mounting easily fits consoles outfitted with a 5.4H” x 6.9W” mounting space
  • Digital Flasher View delivers real time, flasher performance
  • Real Time Sonar™ instantly captures the action under the boat
  • Sonar Echo Enhancement™ reveals the smallest details – even your jig!
  • SwitchFire™ Max Mode shows every sonar return from fish to zooplankton; Clear Mode reduces noise to show only structure & fish
  • One-Touch Zoom and Bottom Lock enhance resolution and separate fish from structure
  • TruArch™ shows actual fish returns or choose selective Fish ID+™ with target depth
  • Freeze Frame instantly pause display allowing more time to see the details
  • Expand capabilities with optional Fishing System add-ons: Interlink, Wireless Sonar Link, WeatherSense™ Barometric Pressure Monitor, GPS Receiver or SystemLink to share one GPS with two units
  • Upgradable internal software
  • Precision 2 ½” target separation reveals close hanging fish
  • X-Press™ Menus access the most important controls with fewer button presses
  • Selectable large digital readout view for easy readability
  • Microdynamic transducer splices through water for reliable readings to 70 MPH
  • Fresh and saltwater options for optimal performance in any environment
  • Adjustable 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x zoom levels
  • Adjustable backlight for night fishing
  • Fully gasketed, waterproof construction – they float!
  • Assembled in the USA, One year limited warranty


Compatible Accessories for Humminbird 798c SI and 798ci SI Combo Sonar Fish-Finder

Accessory Type Part # Side Imaging Part # DualBeam PLUS
Transom Mount Transducer 710172-1 XNT 9 SI 180 T 710179-1 XNT 9 20 T
Puck Transducer 710060-1 710147-1 XP 9 20 T
Angled Puck Transducer 710061-1 XAP 9 20 710165-1 XAP 9 20
Trolling Motor Mount Transducer 710173-1 XTM 9 SI 180 T 710160-1 XTM 9 20 T
Portable Mount Transducer 710059-1 XPT 9 20 T 710161-1 XPT 9 20 T
Bronze Thru Hull Transducer 710063-1 710166-1 XTH 9 20
Bronze Thru Hull 3 in 1 Transducer 710063-1 710063-1 XTD 6 DB 90
Plastic Thur Hull Transducer 710068-1 XPTH 9 HDSI 180 T 710167-1 XTH 9 20 P
Mount System 740077-1 MS M
Temperature Sensor 730010-1 TG W
Speed Sensor 730021-1 SW
Speed and Temperature Sensor 730000-1 TS W
Transducer Extension Cable 720003-1
EC W10
EC W30
Power Cable 720002-1 PC 10
Transducer Switch 720012-1 TS2 W
Unit Switch 720014-1 US2 W
Unit Cover 780010-1 UC 3
Mount Cover 740036-1 MC W
Portable Conversion Kit 406900-1
PTC U Soft Portable Case (Includes Battery)
PTC UNB Soft Portable Case without battery
In-Dash Mounting Kit 740084-1 IDMK 700

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