Humminbird 998c SI Combo
Humminbird 998c SI Combo NVB

humminbird-998c-SI-fishfinder-gps-comboHD Side Imaging Ultra Wide Screen GPS Fishing System

Everyone knows that Humminbird has been leading the way with Side-Imaging Fish Finders for years now. The Humminbird 997 model has always been a great tool for fishermen and real trouble for gamefish. For 2010 the 997 has been replaced with the new Humminbird 998c SI Combo (see the list of new features below). Just look at the picture and you can’t help but fall in love with this thing. A nice big screen and great high definition detail. What more could you ask for? And all this for less than $2000. Now THAT’s a deal!

Humminbird 998c NVB (Navionics Value Bundle) Includes Navionics Gold and HotMaps Premium Charts pre-loaded.
Navionics Value Bundle NVB Lake List

Where to Buy the Humminbird 998c SI Combo (also NVB and CHO models)

I am planning to do a full price search and comparison on the HB 998c SI very soon. Until then, I can provide the information for West Marine which has a 10% off coupon offer right now. Just choose what you want and add it to the cart. Then on the checkout page enter [offer expired] into the coupon/promo code box. When you apply the code it will reduce your price by 10%. Pretty cool. I will have more prices soon.

WestMarine – Humminbird 998c SI Sonar GPS Combo HB 407760-1  $1,999.99  $1,799.99 using 10% Coupon
WestMarine – Humminbird 998c SI Sonar GPS Combo with NVB (Nav) HB 407760-1V  $2,199.99  $1,979.99 using 10% Coupon
WestMarine – Humminbird 998c SI Sonar GPS Combo CHO HB 407760-1CHO  $1,628.99  $1,799.99 using 10% Coupon

A few more prices
BassPro – Humminbird 998c SI  $1,999.99
Cabelas – Humminbird 998c SI  CHO $1,809.99 / $1,999.99 / NVB $2,199.99
Amazon – Humminbird 998c SI  CHO $1,707.01 / $1,999.99 / NVB $2,199.99
theNerds – Humminbird 998c SI  CHO $1,683.99
Abe’s of Maine – Humminbird 998c SI  CHO $1,691.46
The NVB option is the Navigation Value Bundle with Navionics maps included.
The CHO option is for the Control Head Only (no transducer)

Humminbird Software Update 4.700
Humminbird Down-Imaging (DI)

Humminbird Part Numbers: 407760-1 and 407760-1V (NVB model) 407760-1CHO (Control Head Only)

If you have experience with this fish-finder unit please leave a reply below to tell us what you think.


Which RAM Mount for Humminbird 998c SI Combo?

RAM Mount for Humminbird 998c SI Combo


Humminbird 998c New Features for 2010:

  • SwitchFire™ Sonar allows two ways to view returns – Clear or Max mode.
  • Three new color palettes for more viewing options
  • Built-In Contour XD™ Cartography from Navionics® with 3,000 U.S. lakes
  • LakeMaster® compatible with exclusive features
  • Waypoint Management allows more control of your saved data.


Key Features of the Humminbird 998c Combo Fish Finder:

  • Brilliant, 8″ sunlight viewable color display with 480V x 800H resolution
  • Revolutionary 455/800kHz Side Imaging sonar technology and dual frequency 83/200kHz sonar
  • 8000 Watts Peak-to-Peak, 1000 Watts RMS maxiumum power output, 1500 ft 2D depth and 150 ft SI depth
  • External 50 channel WAAS GPS receiver included
  • Triple channel sonar transmitter/receiver delivers fast, smooth operation
  • Sonar/chart recording to SD card and on-screen playback
  • Full screen chartplotter, 3D bird’s eye view chartplotter and split screen sonar/chart with adjustable split
  • Programmable view presets access favorite screens with one touch
  • In-dash or Gimbal mount
  • Water surface temperature included in transducer, GPS speed Included
  • *NVB model features Navionics continental US inland & marine charts built into rugged, shock resistance internal memory with updatable capabilities.


HB 998c SI Specifications:

Display 480V x 800H, 8” Diagonal, 65,000 Color TFT
Transducer Standard Side Imaging/DualBeam PLUS
Transducer Coverage(s) 83kHz: 60° , 200kHz: 20° , 455kHz: (2) 86°, or 800kHz: (2) 72° @ -10db; 180º Total Coverage
Operating Frequency(s) 50, 83, 200, & 455 or 800 kHz
Power Output 500W RMS (4000W PtP) w/ Standard Transducer
1000W RMS (8000W PtP) w/ Opt 50kHz 1kW Transducer
Depth Capability Side Imaging: 150’ Down; 240’ each side;
DualBeamPlus: 1500’ w/ Standard Transducer; *3000 ft w/ Optional 50kHz Transducer
Target Separation 2 1/2 inches
Temperature Included in Transducer
Speed GPS Speed Included
Power Input 10-20 VDC
Unit Mounting Gimbal or In-Dash
Unit Size Installed (Gimbal) 11 1/4″ W x 63/4″ H x 4 1/4″D
Unit Size Installed (In-dash) 10 ¾” W x 6” H x 1 3/8” D; Required Minimum 3” behind dash clearance
Transducer Mounting Transom Standard; Optional trolling motor or thru hulls available
GPS Receiver External 50 Channel WAAS/EGNOS
Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points 3000, 50, 50/ 20,000
Cartography Contour XD™ Built-in, Optional: LakeMaster® and Navionics®
Communication NMEA 0183 Input/Output
Optional System Modules InterLink, CannonLink, WeatherSense, and AS WX 1 Satellite Weather Receiver

* Maximum power output requires use of 1kW transducer


Humminbird 998c SI Combo Additional Features:

  • SwitchFire™ Max Mode shows every sonar return from fish to zooplankton; Clear Mode reduces noise to show only structure & fish
  • Fresh and saltwater set up options for optimal performance in any environment
  • Accelerated Real Time Sonar™ operates at up to 40 times per second to instantly capture the action under the boat
  • X-press™ menus place most important setting at your fingertips
  • Freeze Frame pauses the sonar scroll for detailed inspection of the screen
  • Instant Image Update immediately shows the results of setting changes for the most accurate fine tuning
  • Sonar Echo Enhancement™ technology is so sensitive it’ll track a 1/2 oz. jig to over 40ft and separate targets within 2 ½ inches
  • Man Overboard Function quickly adjust the boat track back to a specific spot with the touch of a button
  • Fully gasketed waterproof design
  • Large Digital Data displayed on every sonar or GPS screen
  • Backlight for night viewing
  • TripLog with distance, elapsed time, and average speed
  • Totally automatic operation or totally manual operation with upper and lower range control
  • Temperature graph overlay and audible temperature alarm along with One-touch Zoom with 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x zoom levels
  • Adjustable chart speed and feature memory retains your settings
  • Water surface temperature included in transducer, speed paddlewheel included
  • Optional 200/50kHz transducer available for deep water applications and depths to 3000 feet


Compatible Accessories for Humminbird 998c SI Combo Sonar Fish-Finder

Accessory Type Part # Standard Part # QuadraBeam Part # DualBeam PLUS
Transom Mount Transducer 710201-1 XHS 9 HDSI 180 T 710199-1 XNT 9 QB 90 T
Puck Transducer 700040-1 SI HSK (and switch)
Angled Puck Transducer
Trolling Motor Mount Transducer 710205-1 XTM 9 HDSI 180 T 710203-1 XTM 9 QB 90 T
Portable Mount Transducer
Bronze Thru Hull Transducer 710207-1 XBTH 9 QB 90 T
Bronze Thru Hull 3 in 1 Transducer 710206-1 XTD 9 QB 90
Plastic Thru Hull Transducer 710210-1 XPTH 9 HDSI 180 T 710209-1 XPTH 9 QB 90 T
Mount System 740083-1 GM 2
Temperature Sensor 730010-1 TG W
Speed Sensor 730021-1 SW
Speed and Temperature Sensor 730000-1 TS W
Transducer Extension Cable 720003-1
EC W10
EC W30
Power Cable 720002-1 PC 10
Transducer Switch 720012-1 TS2 W
Unit Switch 720014-1 US2 W

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