Lowrance Sonar Models

lowrance-logoLowrance Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters

I will add detailed information and images of the Lowrance line of fish-finders.

Lowrance HDS® High-Def Systems (Fishfinders, GPS Chartplotters, Sonar/GPS Combos)
  • HDS-10 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-10m Multifunction GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-8 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-8m Multifunction GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-7 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-7m Multifunction GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-5 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter
  • HDS-5x Multifunction Echosounder
  • HDS-5m Multifunction GPS Chartplotter


Lowrance Mark™ & Elite™ Series Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter Systems
  • Elite-5 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter
  • Elite-5x Fishfinder
  • Elite-5m GPS Chartplotter
  • Mark-5x Pro Fishfinder
  • Mark-5x Fishfinder


Lowrance Full Size Fishfinders
  • X136 DF Sonar Fishfinder
  • X135 Sonar Fishfinder
  • X126 DF Sonar Fishfinder
  • X125 Sonar Fishfinder
  • X96 Sonar Fishfinder
  • Legacy Lowrance Full Size Sonar Fishfinder Products (X100C, X102C, X105C DF, X107C DF, X510C, X515C DF)


Lowrance Full Size Chartplotters
  • GlobalMap 5150C
  • Legacy Lowrance Chartplotter Products (GlobalMap 4800M, GlobalMap 5200C, GlobalMap 5300C iGPS)


Lowrance Compact Fishfinders
  • M68C S/Map Compact Color Fishfinder/GPS Combo
  • X67C Compact Color Fishfinder
  • X59 DF Compact Fishfinder
  • X52 Compact Fishfinder
  • X50 DS Dual-Search Fishfinder
  • Legacy Lowrance Compact Sonar Fishfinder Products (M52 S/GPS, M52i S/GPS, M56 S/Map, M56i S/Map, M68i S/Map, X51, X58 DF, X86 DS)


Lowrance IceMachine Fishfinders
  • X67C IceMachine
  • Legacy Lowrance IceMachine Fishfinder Products (LMS-522C IceMachine, M68C S/Map IceMachine)


Lowrance Ethernet Networking
  • StructureScan™ SideScan with DownScan
  • LWX-1 SIRIUS® Satellite Weather
  • Navico Expansion Port-1 plug-and-play hub
  • Broadband Sounder-1


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